How to Look and Feel Younger in just 5 Minutes!

I recently began to notice my wrinkles had become a permanent feature of my forehead. I have never been bothered about my crow’s feet though, as they’re considered to be marks of a good, happy life. I do get through a lot of eye cream, probably because I smile a lot! But these creases were not going away after a good night sleep or a couple of back-to-back facials. So…being the natural product ambassador that I am, I couldn’t exactly book in for the face erase botox. I was in a conundrum!

I decided that it was now about time that I had a new haircut to cover my worry marks. Luckily, big fringes are in now and very on trend, so I decided this was going to be my new look. Being a hairdresser, I am never far from a pair of shears, so I marched on into my bathroom and sectioned off the offending area with soft wisps of hair and closed the shears over the eyebrows. Any of you long haired goddesses know how daunting it is to make the move from easy throw back, tuck back, brush away, pin it up hair… to there you go – can’t go back now! The deed was done. I am pretty sure I had my eyes closed for the whole procedure, and not because I was avoiding getting sharp hair particles in them either!  And when I did look up in the mirror, I saw a cute, young, sassy little thing looking back at me. I was released from my aged misery.

I have since had Kliff at the Wimbledon Salon re-cut them with much more accurate precision and grace, and dare I say it, a bit retro, which I love. So with a spring in my step, and a newfound youth, I thank the fringe fashion brigade for allowing me to express my inner babe, continue to be an ambassador for a life free from frozen faces (but for how long I can’t promise) and save me a bundle at the Harley Street.

How to Look and Feel Younger in just 5 Minutes! Gina Conway Aveda Salons and Spas



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