Positive vibes run through Gina’s veins—she wakes up excited to create a little magic with everything she does. From working alongside designers at London and Paris Fashion Weeks to working on the editorial side for Vogue Italia and Vogue Japan, to founding her own Aveda Lifestyle Salons in London, she has experience in just about every inch of the beauty industry.  She credits her on-going inspiration to the work she has done in some of the most creative cities in the world. Today, she spends her days creating, innovating and making the world a better (and a lot more fabulous) place.


Gina is a California girl at heart, but the world is her canvas. Growing up in Lake Tahoe, she spent her youth traipsing through the forests looking for plants to create with, touch, taste and smell. These earthy and playful roots instilled in her a reverence for nature and the earth that she has carried into her effervescent career. She’s a little bit country, a little bit rock and roll and a nature girl, all in one. You can feel that same vibe running through our salons. Her magic is contagious.

Gina inspires us to be the warmth that radiates out into the world. Whether she is picking up rubbish off the street as she walks around town, telling lovely ladies she passes that they look beautiful today (and meaning it!), or bringing a guest in her salon joy, she leaves everything she touches better off.

The foundation of Gina’s life, and her business, is that she finds beauty in all people. She adores making people look and feel great about themselves through exposing their inner beauty – giving them confidence and power. Walk into our salons and you’ll probably find her laughing with a guest, sharing a funny story and connecting with them. Her heart is open and her cup is overflowing—and her mission is to share this with everyone she meets. Her secret? “I sprinkle all of my clients and team with fairy dust. Just for luck.”