The Barber Shop at Gina Conway: Men’s Grooming for the Modern London Man


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Hold on to your whisky, gents. This December, we opened the doors of The Barber Shop at Gina Conway, and changing the way men’s hair is done in London.

Over the years, London’s most discerning ladies and gentlemen have come to appreciate the award-winning skill and artisanship that define Gina Conway salons. We’ve always prided ourselves on offering the best haircuts and salon services in London, both for women and for men. Now we’re taking it a little further, creating a special segment of our business that’s tailored just for the needs of the London man.

The Barber Shop at Gina Conway has the same top-level quality you’ve come to expect from Gina Conway. However, because we know that a barber shop is quite different than a salon, this space will feel a little different. Many men do appreciate bespoke grooming services, but aren’t crazy about the fuss of a salon. They aren’t as prone to making appointments far in advance—perhaps they’d rather just walk in when the feeling suits them, even before business hours— and they like to get in and out of the door more quickly than they would in a salon. This shop is for them.


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We’re bringing in barbering talents who have honed their craft around the world, experts in traditional and contemporary men’s grooming techniques, combined with the sophistication of the Aveda Men products and Aveda’s world-renowned services.

Master Barber Andrea has been working behind the scenes for months, helping to build The Barber Shop at Gina Conway the right way. Here, we ask him some questions to find out why he’s excited about this newest evolution in the Gina Conway brand.

What are some of the things you’re anticipating the most in opening an Aveda Men’s barber shop?

We’re excited about expanding our current high-end, luxury London salon concept into the very specialized world of men’s grooming. We’re excited for our existing clients, or the men in their life, to be introduced to the experience of bespoke men’s services.

What does modern barbering mean to you?

Modern barbering is about the whole experience—the finer details—the whole journey, from when a gentleman enters the barber shop, through a traditional grooming service, to then leaving to start a work day or a night out looking clean and classic.

The Barber Shop at Gina Conway: Men’s Grooming for the Modern London Man Gina Conway Aveda Salons and Spas

Andrea – Master Barber
Photo: Gina Conway Salons

How will the services at The Barber Shop at Gina Conway combine classic with modern men’s grooming?

The Barber Shop will be providing a variety of men’s services from a classic quick barber cut, to a whole customized grooming experience with classic haircuts, men’s nail services, hot towel shaves, and men’s facial experiences. We’re crafting our new service menu using traditional men’s grooming techniques and updating them with the Aveda Men skincare and hair care lines to provide an experience that’s unique in the London market.

How will The Barber Shop at Gina Conway stand out from other barbershops in London? 

Quality and consideration. We will be offering personalised grooming services including value-added Aveda rituals, all timed to suit the needs and schedule of a variety of men. As far at the actual services go, what sets us apart is our attention to detail and our pride in precision cutting.

What kind of training is needed to be a barber at this shop?

Extensive training and experience is needed; it takes many years and a great deal of practice to truly perfect barbering techniques. Most of what I have learnt is from other master barbers around the world, and I’m excited to bring all that experience back to The Barber Shop.


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How does a Barber Shop experience differ from a Gina Conway Salon experience?  

The Barber Shop at Gina Conway is located inside our Notting Hill salon location, but is its own entity with a space crafted to have a barbershop look and feel that sets it apart from the salon. We’re starting out with two chairs, and look forward to expanding as our barber clientele grows.

We will still provide the same Aveda rituals and award-winning service that we’re famous for at Gina Conway Salons, but we’re reworking our schedule and service menu. The Barber Shop will provide quicker services, for the London gentleman that is on the go, and will be adding new kinds of services that are specific to the needs of men. We will also open before normal salon hours, so we can cater to businessmen before work.

What’s your favourite aspect of this barber shop? 

I’m proud of the work we’ve done and the work we’re about to do. It’s an amazing thing seeing this project that I have worked on for months come to life, and being part of the evolution of the Gina Conway brand to another direction. And I’m excited to see more gents in the salon!

We are so excited for you to come see the new space. Gents, you’ve got to come see your new getaway. Ladies, come visit your favourite London salon and bring your man to see that we’ve built something just for him.

The Barber Shop at Gina Conway is open for business.



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