Giving families a hope for life

I see the rain today and get frustrated by its inconvenience. My hair frizzes up and I never have the right shoes!

And then I find my perspective. This water that we have in abundance and take for granted could provide life to hundreds of thousands every day.

The average journey to water for families in dry communities around the world every day is 5 miles. Many children cannot attend school due to needing to make this trip to help them and their families survive.

How we at Aveda and Gina Conway try to make a difference is create awareness through fundraising. This year, for our Precious Time for Precious Water events our staff are donating their time every Sunday in April to cut hair or provide facials and massages at a reduced rate for charity.  Pay £50 for a hair cut & blow dry or for a 1 hour facial or massage. 

Aveda stylists around the world will also be going for a Global record for the most haircuts around the world in 24 hours.  Join us from noon to 6pm on April 22 for this event where you can get a fabulous haircut and blow dry for £50, all proceeds go to clean water charities.  Let us work together to reach our goals and help end this tragedy.  See you there!!

Love Gina



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