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Annaliese, Creative Team Stylist, Wimbledon

Anneliese, Creative Team Stylist, Wimbledon


Festive celebrations fill the month of December and with it comes the debate on how to style your hair. As a member of the Creative Team at Gina Conway, I am constantly asked for advice on current trends for Christmas; so here are some tips to help you on your way to party perfection.


Don’t fight your hair  perfect-braided-hairstyles-to-try-this-year-262af30cb1b01cc1a59d8f400a759ba352


Spending hours curling straight hair that won’t stay and straightening overly curly hair that will end up frizzy won’t give you longevity if you’re doing it yourself at home. My advice is to embrace those curls! Use a good product such as Be Curly Style Prep, apply to the hair when the hair it is wet and before the curls dry manipulate them with your fingers. With naturally straight hair add some glamour with a simple up-style or even a braid and if your fingers are not too nimble then book yourself into our new Braid Bar!


Hairspray  0667cheryl-fernandez-versini


Never underestimate the power of a good hairspray, especially in our unpredictable weather. It will keep your style in place all night long as well as keeping any moisture in the air from ruining your well primped hair. Aveda Control Force is perfect as it’s light and does not leave a residue on the hair.


Treat your hair  olaplexponytail-hairstyle-new-years-eve


Healthy hair is the most important component to keep it looking great. Try not to over-style and next time you are in the salon I recommend investing in a treatment. Olaplex is a great; it permanently repairs damaged internal bonds in the hair and is guaranteed to make your hair feel genuinely smoother and far less frazzled.


Use my top tips and style your hair with confidence! Enjoy the party season!





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