Guy Meets Stylist…

For a guy like me, moving to a new city can be a daunting task for many reasons. Finding a talented and reliable stylist with a discernible amount of skill is certainly one of them.

I moved to London from New York a few years ago, and inevitably needed a haircut. After auditioning a few places, with seriously dodgy results, I popped into Gina Conway one afternoon on a wing and a prayer.

Normally, I wouldn’t entertain a ‘salon’ as an option, but Gina Conway had an aesthetic that seemed guy friendly.

As first impressions go, I hit the jackpot.  This is where I met my London hair care saviour Josephine (otherwise named ‘Jo’ for those in the know). She was a wonderful concoction of talent, quirky creativity, and professionalism. I quickly discovered she was an expert men’s stylist, and was the recipient of the best haircut of my life hands down.
This may seem like a small thing, but finding a good stylist goes a long way towards ingratiating oneself in a new environment. Thanks to Gina Conway and Jo, London felt a little bit more like home.

I have been going to Gina Conway in Wimbledon for 5 years now. On subsequent visits, I discovered they also stocked my favourite men’s shampoos and styling products, along with providing a plethora of other services. I’m not generally too fussy about treating myself to massage, facials and the like, but once I told my wife about these services, Gina Conway has been ‘all in the family’ ever since.


Written by,
Aaron Bonnell, 3-D Animator



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