Reduce your carbon footprint the easy way

From sunlight to sunset, you can reduce your environmental footprint and enjoy an eco-friendly lifestyle. Whether you are having your morning coffee or taking your evening shower.

Below are suggestions to get you started:

  • Purchase fair trade, organic, shade grown coffeeReduce your carbon footprint the easy way Gina Conway Aveda Salons and Spas
  • Use public transport
  • Eat locally-grown and organic foods
  • Recycle as much as you can locally
  • Clean with less-toxic cleaning products
  • Use Aveda products
  • Install a low-flow showerhead or a faucet aerator
  • Turn down the water heating setting
  • Choose certified organic sheets, mattress or pillow

A little effort every day can make a huge impact on our planet. Together we can make a difference.



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