Create that salon style look at home…

No one can deny the heart-stopping happiness of leaving the salon feeling fabulous and glamourous. Did you ever want to to do it at home but find it hard to reproduce the look yourself?

Here are 5 easy steps from Gina Conway herself to achieve salon-standard hair…

  1. Wash your hair with an Aveda Shampoo and conditioner. Use conditioner sparingly; long and mid-length hair needs conditioner only from the midshaft to the tips.
  2. Don’t towel-dry your hair (the rubbing damages the cuticle). Instead, pat it dry with a towel.
  3. Prep your hair – If you want a voluminous look use the Aveda Volumising Tonic on roots or use the Phomollient: place on hand – two squirts-rub together-spread evenly to distribute roots to end layer.
  4. Divide your scalp into four sections –  First rough dry with hand – giving 75% moisture out. Then divide your scalp in four sections: the crown, the back and the two sides – with butterfly clips. Then separate the back section into two and then divide the two sides into horizontal segments. Finally, divide the crown into three horizontal sections.
  5. Work a section at a time. 1. Bottom of hair -Take two inches of hair and smooth them out with a large round brush. Grasp the hair between your thumb and forefinger, about two-thirds of the way down, and pull down hard, so that it is a tight, flat ribbon tapering towards your hand. Using medium to high heat airflow curl downwards moving  your hand down the hair as it dries. If you want a flacky look curl under and then once its set you can flick it up. 2. Crown – do the same as before but lift hair brush towards the cealing rather then parallele to the ground and roll under and blow dry to hearn and hold it until it cools. 3. Two sides – take hair on both side of parting pretenring they are not parts, take sections no wider then the brush you are using and again lift hair to the cealing, tend to roll backwards rather then forward – to give more a sweft back look.

If you are looking for sleek smooth shiny hair us a a natural brissle brush and constantly roll the brush circular motion whilst rounding the brush. This will help your cuticles ourterlayer of your hair that I will either reflect light or observe light.

If you still find this hard… don’t panic come to our salon and one of our amazing stylist will be happy to give you a blow dry lesson! For more information and prices contact one of our Gina Conway Aveda Salon and Spas.

achieve salon-standard hair in ten minutes.



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