Your Aveda Shampoo Bible

Need to find the perfect shampoo? Great looking hair at home starts here……

Your Aveda Shampoo Bible Gina Conway Aveda Salons and Spas

Do you… have naturally dry, quite brittle hair with no colour? Dry Remedy is for you… Drench your hair with this great shampoo with a blend of buriti oil & pomegranate. This has a deep complex which will help infuse moisture and shine into your hair.

Do you… have wavy hair which you heat style constantly to end up with sleek straight locks? Smooth Infusion is for you… Created from an infusion of organic aloe, maize and guar bean, this range coats your hair with a smooth new surface which will reduce drying time and reduce frizz while also creating a barrier against heat styling.

Do you… have crazy wavy hair which is out of control and tends to be dry and frizzy? Be Curly is for you… This shampoo eliminates frizz and adds shine which to normally dry curly hair. The wheat protein and aloe formula expands when hair is wet and retracts when hair is dry to enhance curl.

Do you… colour your hair between every 5-8 weeks and have done for past 5 years? Colour Conserve is for you… This range will protect your hair from toxic radicals in our sun, water and environment. It has an aroma of organic lavender, ylang ylang, peppermint and grapefruit and is amazing to consistently stop fading and breaking.

Do you… have hair that is so lifeless with no volume? Pure Abundance is for you… This shampoo is will help create body and volume making your feel and appear thicker.  It contains Acacia gum from Chad Africa.

Do you… have thick, coarse or Afro hair? Brilliant is for you… This range is great for anyone with thick, coarse or afro hair types. It contains plant derived cleansers to wash away debris and product build up. It will help soothe and texture your hair.

Do you… have normal hair which is washed frequently? Shampure is for you and your family… This is our gentlest product range which is perfect for daily cleansing. Containing morikue protein from the Peruvian rainforest, it is infused with 25 plant extracts. Perfect for the whole family.

Do you… have to wash your hair daily due to greasy roots? Scalp Benefits is for you… This shampoo helps create a healthy foundation for a healthy scalp. Containing burdock root and Echinacea, this shampoo helps to promote a clean scalp and balance PH levels.

Do you… have hair that tends to break easily especially after colouring? Damage Remedy is for you… Acting as a natural antibiotic for damaged hair, this range will help to rebuild and restructure your hair from the inside out and help maintain a smooth finish to the hair shaft. It will also re-balance the moisture levels, which is essential for healthy hair.

Your Aveda Shampoo Bible Gina Conway Aveda Salons and SpasDo you… love Aveda but think the scents are too feminine? Rosemary Mint is for you… Ingredients in the range such as peppermint will stimulate the blood vessels under the scalp thus promoting healthy hair growth. It is especially great if certain area’s are thinning, and the rosemary will impart a lovely shine on the hair, not the head!!

Do you… have coloured hair that looks great but sometimes just needs a shade boost?  Aveda’s Colour Enhancing Range is for you… Designed to work in harmony with natural tones in the hair as well as coloured hair, it drops pigment in to strand to brighten up a range of tones. Choose from a variety of colours such as Camomile for warm blondes, Clove for brown and honey tones, Madder Root for reds and auburns, Black Malva for dark hair and the fantastic Blue malva which is great for cool blondes and “sparkling” up grey or silver hair.

All of these shampoos are accompanied by equally amazing conditioners, all of which I shall be blogging about very soon!

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