Why we love facials…

It’s officially the Christmas party season, however all that cold weather and over indulging on food and alcohol can really take it’s toll on your skin. Our master therapist, Erin, from our Wimbledon spa recommends regular facials to help rehydrate and brighten up your skin.

What are the benefits of having regular facials?

While your skin needs your attention on a daily basis, it is very important to receive regular intensive treatments from a professional.  Your beauty therapist can constantly assess and treat your skin’s condition, while ensuring that you are educated on everything you need to know to maintain glowing healthy skin.

Your skin is constantly shedding itself, and every 28 – 30 days you literally have a whole new skin surface, giving your beauty therapist a fresh canvas to cleanse, steam, massage, nourish and plump with nutrients that will keep your skin looking and feeling vibrant and fresh. 

How often would you recommend having a facial?

Every 4 weeks is ideal. I will always suggest a skincare regime and products which guests can use in between visits to really maximize the benefits of the facial. 

Why is it a good idea to use products recommended by your therapist in between facials?

A facial is a wonderful relaxing treat which will make your skin feel alive and healthier than ever. You will feel like floating after the plethora of benefits to mind, body, and soul received during the time spent in your therapist’s care. Using the skincare products she recommends after the treatment will only help to enhance your skin on a daily basis, extending the results and benefits of your facial through the month. Over-the-counter products could potentially undo all of the good work you just received from the loving hands of your beauty therapist. The products you use at home are a long-term investment in the health of your skin.

At Gina Conway Aveda we offer a range of customised facials designed to suit your individual skin type using plant essences and aromatherapy oils to leave you with beautiful radiant skin. For more information please contact your nearest Gina Conway Aveda salon and spa. 

Why we love facials… Gina Conway Aveda Salons and Spas



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