Warm up for winter – beat colds and flu with yoga

Boost your immune system through yoga to beat catching a miserable cold or even flu, with poses designed to support the lymphatic system.

How does it work? Lymph, the fluid that flows around your body and then filters bacteria out via your lymph nodes, flows more effectively with physical exercise like yoga.  Yoga works on every muscle group and it is muscular contractions that keeps lymph moving.  And inversions such as shoulderstand or headstand help to get the lymph moving into the respiratory organs where germs really affect the body.

Why wait until you start sniffling? Come to a yoga class here at GC Yoga studios. The classes are small (max 10 people) so the teacher can present a sequence including poses such as headstand and give you as much attention and comfort as you need to be able to enjoy the poses and boost your immune system.  If you do catch a cold, a restorative class can really help you to feel better quickly with supported postures and forward bends, with the comfort of eye pillows and blankets.

Try Indira’s Iyengar restorative class on a Saturday at 4pm.  But do tell her if you have a cold so that she can choose the best postures to help the throat, neck and head relax.

We will shortly be running workshops to help boost the iWarm up for winter - beat colds and flu with yoga Gina Conway Aveda Salons and Spasmmune system and if you are nervous about inversions we will also be running a headstand workshop.  Our first workshop will be with Deepa on ‘Health and Yoga – understanding the fundamentals of Pranayama in your asana practice’. More information on this workshop will be available soon.  Visit the blog regularly so not to miss out and post your comments!



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