Top knot craze

I feel so tall! I love the top knot; it makes me think I am 6 ft 4. I have been observing this trend for a while but wasn’t sure if I had to be 26 years or younger in order to wear it.  But one bad hair day, I had no choice…So I did the highest ponytail I could manage, backcombed a little with my fingers, whisked it forward, then back and voila! Perfect, youth by tight elastics!

I cannot say that I didn’t cower in shame a little when I walked into work and the rest of my team (20 years my junior) had one too.  But I soon got over that as I strutted around all day as Gina Conway- the Amazon Queen. 

I tried this trick again on another day with less good fortune.  Seemed nothing I did was working. I struggled to make sure it was not too tight, or too loose, or too ‘hairdressy’. Soon I was teasing it within an inch of its life and I think it actually talked back at me. So, I whizzed it around itself and secured each ‘bun’ to my head and finally, I was in business.

Now I am all for fashion expression at any age and doing what makes you feel great and look great.  However, for myself, I may have found that ‘miniskirt moment’ when you feel just a little past it with a meringue on top of your head.

When I got in the car… I shut the door and sat upright, and to my surprise it was a safety hazard.  I could not look around safely without snagging it and in this case, snapping it! I slithered down the seat so I was just peaking over the dash to view the road and got a leg cramp.

So, now my challenge is to create the next big fashion craze, maybe the peasant bow tie? I have been working it in lately to my look with much success. Stay tuned. In the meantime, check out my top knot research project pics.




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