The Detox – Day 7

Saturday, 12th Jan 2013 – Day 7 – The Detox

Another freezing day and normally I love sitting down Saturday morning and enjoying my latte… Oh dear. Lucky for me another hectic day… My daughter Chloe has ballet at 9.30am and then my middle son Max plays in Little League. Normally Chloe and I stay at home, however with his big blue eyes and saddest little boy face he pleaded that I come along to watch him. You just can’t say no.
I get back from picking Chloe up from ballet and my husband who is meant to be in charge of getting Max off to football is sitting there with a Coffee and not ready. They have 10mins before they have to leave, and Max is not dressed either, no water bottle, nothing done. Yes, I’m grumpy again, as I have found it quite hard to concentrate and I would have preferred a nice morning with a hot cup of herbal tea, instead I end up doing my best impression of a barking headless chicken! Why do men get themselves ready and no one else?!
I forgot to tell you about my measurements on day four.
                            Day 1                          Day 4
Hip                      111cm                           104cm
Waist                  107cm                           92cm
Thigh                  69cm                             64cm
Chest                 101cm                            100cm (thank heavens, I can’t afford to loose  too much in this area)
Arm                     38cm                              33cm
So on day four I’d lost 33cm! Amazing.
For dinner I wanted something spicy so I made a weight watchers sag curry with a little rice. No yogurt, chutney, breads, but still super yummy. Again I miss my glass of ‘sanity’ (well I have three kids!) but I’ve survived and day 10 is approaching. Actually I’m not going to have a drink day 10, but wait, because on the 17th it’s my 15th wedding anniversary, and I really think I will want/ need a drink!
The Detox - Day 7 Gina Conway Aveda Salons and Spas
It doesn’t look great – but it was super tasty!

Written by Melissa Harris
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