The Detox – Day 1

The Detox - Day 1 Gina Conway Aveda Salons and Spas

Melissa Harris, Forever Living

Saturday night, 5th Jan 2013 – Preparation for Detox

I weighed myself, took my measurements and enjoyed my Sunday Roast….
Weighing in at a hefty 14St 1lb..or 89.9kg… ouch!

Hips 111cm
Waist 107cm
Thigh 69cm
Chest 101cm
Arm 38cm

Sunday, 6th Jan 2013 – Day 1 – The Detox

I am well and truly mentally ready for what is to come ahead of me, and I’m looking forward to it, especially after seeing how much I weigh and my measurements, not to mention the horrible photos….

To start my day I have my Garcinia with a cup of herbal tea.  After 30mins I drink my aloe and feel fine. Normally I would have had a large soya latte by now…

A short interlude of tiger taming – three kids at home, end of school holidays… they REALLY, REALLY need to go back to school!! I then go for a brisk walk and feel pretty virtuous.

Obviously others thought the same as me and have taken their kids to Clarks for school shoes, so after waiting for 30mins…. with two ‘bored’ boys we get our shoes and run home. Then I make up my shake and aloe drink for lunch and head off to the O2 with my booklet, drinks, Bee Pollen and Garcinia.  I miss my coffee and by now I would have spent £4 on midmorning coffee and biscuit…instead on the train I chew the Bee Pollen which gives me a boost.

Lunch time approaches and I do not feel hungry, but watching others eat isn’t easy…again 30mins before my Aloe I have the Garcinia and then the shake and Bee Pollen. I feel quite full and energised. I can feel my headache approaching and so I take a paracetamol.  I find that I am drinking more water than I normally do, which is great.  So where I would have bought snacks or nicked the kids sweets, I sit feeling proud of my inner strength.

So after a full afternoon I come home to make the kids dinner.  It isn’t too bad but I have to remember not pick at their leftovers.  Instead I busy myself with other chores.

After my Sunday night dinner – Garcinia, Bee Pollen and Aloe I retire for a bath.  I haven’t had one in over a year and so I really enjoy the luxury of quiet time, relaxing in the bath without the little people in my life yelling for me.  Bliss! I retire to bed with my Aloe and book.

So I have survived day one and I feel fine.  It’s not a piece of cake… excuse the reference, but I feel fine and I’m looking forward to my prize – losing some of my jelly belly!

Written by Melissa Harris
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