Relax….and Breathe

We’re all very excited about being finalists in the Professional Beauty Awards and can’t wait for the awards next Sunday! It’s been a particularly busy few weeks for Gina as she’s been involved in various interviews and presentations in front of the judging panel, although thankfully all her years of yoga practise has really helped to calm her nerves.

The practice of Hatha yoga uses breathing techniques, postures and meditation to help develop and calm the body and mind, relieving any stress and anxiety. Yoga is also perfect for improving concentration, motivation and focus as well as increasing energy levels and confidence. So why not visit our fantastic Yoga Studios at the Gina Conway Aveda Salon and Spa in Wimbledon and experience the benefits of yoga for yourself.  With over 15 different styles from power to yin yoga, limited class sizes with dedicated teachers, find the perfect practice to suit you.

Relax....and Breathe Gina Conway Aveda Salons and Spas 



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