My Wellness Retreat in Goa India – Part 2!

Day five. Another day in paradise. I am waiting for my epiphany to occur. I am here to find my path and nothing has shown up yet. I have tried meditating, affirmations, NLP, extreme detox procedures, and copious massages, and still no path.

I had meeting with the Ayurvedic doctor today. She looked at my tongue, felt my pulse, and asked a few questions and decided I am pitta-vata. That means ..Fire plus water. I now have to drink some concoctions of cumin and coriander and little oregano in hot water. Tasty?

Day six. Made a friend. A lovely Indian girl who is a beach vendor and sells sarongs and jewelry etc. She is getting married soon and told me all about her life. Uneducated, illiterate, and has been working since age 10, naturally, I wanted to help her. I gave her a pep talk on some great business ideas, and some encouragement. I worry that she has no self esteem or vision or means to carry this out. Unfortunately, this is the reality that poverty stricken persons face. And I want to help. Having been reading Richard Branson’s book I am totally inspired to help change the world. I knew India would open my eyes and I can’t wait.

My Wellness Retreat in Goa India - Part 2! Gina Conway Aveda Salons and Spas

Day seven. Pummeled, pushed, scrubbed, steamed, pulled, stretched, stepped on, rubbed, tugged, kneaded, starved, and extricated, yet I am still feeling dull. I have been working on my inner light and now need to glow from within an well as from out. I have one last day to meditate on this and then there is food!! Glorious food. Sprouts and chickpeas, but still it is food!! I do feel like I needed to suffer like the monks to find enlightenment, but daily treatments isn’t really suffering is it. My spiritual journey is nearly over and now I am stressing out about not having found my purpose. Or have I?

Day eight. Wellness- the state or condition of being in good physical and mental health. That was what I have been chasing. I think I have achieved this. Today I am watching the sun set beyond the ocean, and I feel rested, healthy, happy, and calm (and just a little bit sore, too many fat burning body scrubs).

I savored my chickpeas, and they were good! I have learned how to grow sprouts now too. Next i will be growing out my dyed hair.. Not a chance!

I have cleaned out my garage (headspace) and am really revitalized again.

I think all in all, I had a good trip. Tough at times. But it is important to stretch yourself in order to grow.

I lost a total of 26.5 cm off my body I lost 2.5 kilos, and one year off my age! My PH has risen 1.5 to 7.5 which means I am in great health.
Hooray!! Looking forward to try on my skinny jeans!

Back to work and back to the Big Smoke tomorrow. I can’t wait! I am afraid all I got from all this soul searching is that I have to now work harder to help save the world, but I shall do it all with a new found inner peace and purpose.

My Wellness Retreat in Goa India - Part 2! Gina Conway Aveda Salons and Spas

Love Gina Xx



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