Look like an A-lister in no time!

Hey guys, how’s it going?…….Well, I just thought id share some hot celebrity secrets with you all, giving you some insight and tips on how to achieve that “Red Carpet” look!!!!!

Look like an A-lister in no time! Gina Conway Aveda Salons and SpasNow love em or hate em!……….

Jedward have captured the nation! But, joking apart, the colours and positioning of their highlights are very “in” at the moment, so although you may not want to look like the X factor twins, ask your stylist to recreate that blonde and block colour on your next haircut!

You know you want to!

Look like an A-lister in no time! Gina Conway Aveda Salons and SpasAlso on the X factor theme, I have two words for you! DANNII and MINOGUE!!!  That girl’s hair has to be the most versatile cut going! Treat your self to a classic bob and ask your stylist on tips how to achieve some fantastic, sexy looks! Curly, tousled, straight or textured………you decide! Even add wefts of hair on one side to create an amazing asymmetric look or pop in a full on hair piece and give your self a sexy Bridget Bardot number! With the party season coming up, you deserve a trip to the salon for a wow factor hair do!!!

Look like an A-lister in no time! Gina Conway Aveda Salons and Spas

Finally, fringes……….HOT,HOT,HOT – think Beyonce………this seasons must have hair accessory! It’s a fantastic way to to completely revamp an old hairdo with out the trauma of having a re style! There are plenty to choose from, blunt, sweeping, layered, chipped, asymmetric, short, choppy or the good old “kate moss” look, long and grown out! Chat to your stylist and they will advise you which ones will suit. Treat your self! A fringe doesnt have to be for life, it can be just for Xmas!

Chat soon, Sy x



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