LFW – Four key spring/summer trends forecasted for 2014

Fashion week is that time of year when we indulge in our fantasies of what life would be like if we could be dressed in all our finery, sat front row of Alexander McQueen or Chanel, causally exchanging small talk with the likes of Anna Wintour and Kate Moss. Unfortunately for me and most other women in the world, this is never likely to be the case, but we can take inspiration from the beautiful new looks that grace the catwalk to re-fashion our wardrobes in a way that celebrates our own bodies and looks.

Despite designers beautiful new collections being shown on the crème-da-la-crème of size 6 models with legs up to their ears, the styles which will suit many other body shapes, will soon be re-created in affordable copies on the high street, for us to snatch up. The best thing about today’s world of fast fashion, is the fact it’s fast! Within a matter of weeks the top trends of S/S 2014 will be hitting our favorite retailers ready for spring to poke its head through the rain and cloud of winter.

The key thing I always tell my clients to remember when new styles hit the fashion world and everyone seems to be wearing them, is only to wear the style if it will actually suit and flatter your body shape, not matter how popular it is, and how many celebrities have been sporting the new ‘it’ item.

The four key spring/summer trends forecasted for 2014 are:

  • monochrome
  • funky floral prints
  • pretty pastels
  • colorful ethnic influences.

These trends may sound young and eccentric, but it is easy to choose particular aspects from each trends and make them work for you. When it comes to heavy prints, make sure you wear them on the smallest parts of your body, as to create emphasis and distract from the larger areas. For example a triangle shape lady will look great wearing a structured or loose fitting print on top and a plain darker color on the bottom, as this will give the elusion of the perfect hourglass shape.

Just remember ladies that you are all beautiful the way you are and we use clothes to highlight, accentuate and enhance the bodies we already have. No amount of fashion, style or key ‘it’ piece should make you feel uncomfortable or unhappy with how you look, and remember – stick to what makes you look and feel your best, and embrace new season trends with open arms and a knowledgeable eye.

Written by Anita Feron Clark,
Multi-award winning personal stylist and image consultant



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