Icons Interview with Gina Conway

Icons Interview with Gina Conway Gina Conway Aveda Salons and SpasFirst published in London Brand’s, The Art of Living in London

What made you decide to open a salon in London?

I am a California girl through and through, where I am a sun seeker, a nature explorer and bit of a tree hugger. I am lucky to have lived in the best cities in the world, taking something from all of my cultural influences. I have a San Francisco mentality, with a dash of London cool and a nod to Paris chic. I am inspired every day. I wanted to bring the California sunshine to London. I spent my youth traipsing through forests looking for plants to eat, and smell, and being so environmentally conscience about polluting my beautiful land. Believing in flower power and being a city lover, I tell people “I am a little bit Country and a little bit Rock and Roll.”

What is your “Why?”

I spend my days innovating and improving my business so that I can say I have the best salons in London among the best salons in the world. I go to work thinking about how I am going to make an impact in others’ lives. I look at the world through a creative lens and make sure that everything I touch is better for my influence on it. My mother taught me to “make the world a better place than you found it”.

Your salons have such a great energy in them. How do you create this?

Positive vibes run through my veins and I wake up every day on the right side of the bed. I walk down a street and pick up rubbish, I always take the time to tell the lovely ladies passing me that they look really beautiful today, and I mean it. I find beauty in all people. It has been my job since I was 18 to make people look great and feel great about themselves. I expose my guests inner beauty and give them confidence and power. I share my secrets and stories—we have a laugh. I listen with all my senses to them so I can connect with them deeply. My heart is open and overflowing and I hope that I can share this with everyone I meet. I sprinkle all of my clients and team with fairy dust. Just for luck.

What is the secret to the unique style you have?

The salon on Fulham Road is the first incarnation of a dream I had. Having worked in some of the top salons and spas in San Francisco and London, and completing a fashion degree, I wanted to combine my loves and share my art. Fulham salon was originally an art gallery and hair atelier. I wanted to create a place where people wanted to want to come to work, and where our guests would want to come and stay. Notting Hill and Wimbledon salons and spas soon followed as my clients moved and begged me to open in their neighbourhood!

You have won many awards, how do you do it?

Our multi-award-winning salons are filled with hand picked artists and visionaries. Their passion lies in giving a bespoke service above and beyond expectations. Essentially, we are daymakers. Filled with American-style customer service and beautiful interiors, our sanctuary is a haven and once you close the doors from the hustle and bustle, you are really transported to our world. We use Aveda products and beautiful, natural hair colour, which helps us create gorgeous looking hair and award winning results. Aromatherapy and massages await every guest experience, a smile is freely and warmly given.

Icons Interview with Gina Conway Gina Conway Aveda Salons and Spas



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