I am dreaming of a Green Christmas…

What is going on at the elf factory these days? They must be under a lot of pressure by their stakeholders (santa) to increase profits and as a result produce pretty pathetic toys with a shelf life of less than a week.

I made my first pilgrimage to the North Pole (Hamleys), hoping to get kiddies all sewn up in a day. I over -purchased, had buyers remorse and felt so guilty for supporting the mother of all rip-offs. The staff there were amazing. I had a ball, felt like a child, and watched in awe of a 16 year old making a fairy appear to do flying tricks with only a wand (and a thin whisper of Kevlar thinner than a strand of hair). Yes, I bought that too.

The factories in North Pole (China and Korea), are worthless. Although I exchanged several hundred GBP (I have three kids!), for some eye popping fodder,  a day later did I get to enjoy them playing with toys I so happily (not so much) schlepped to my family’s home in America? NO! I did not! The first incident of a broken wheel was shorn off by being dropped on carpet by my 3.5  year old not yet one meter tall. Written off. The flying fairy debacle had me in tears trying to untangle the thread and glue (one hour later), a completely useless toy, now at the top of the shelf till my 6 year old is 10 so she can figure it out herself if she really wants it that bad.  

I got a toy mermaid for Izzy my 2 year old to have fun in the tubby. The display in the shop swam and spun the whole time. It never got that far with us. I have pushed, pulled and twisted every conceivable concealed on switch to no avail. I think I must need some Magic hair for that too. I am desperate now.

It seems everything from books to toys to many clothes are outsourced to cheap labour as our hunger for cheap consumer goods rage on, we are losing our £s investing in other countries and not even realizing it. I am committed now to finding ‘green’ toys and clothes that are of a higher quality and promote our country’s growth.

I have managed to source a great website called www.ilovetoys.co.uk and they promote Eco, Ethical, Fair Trade, and European made products. I love I Love Toys!! I am dreaming of a Green Christmas this year.

Love Gina



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