How to get luxuriously silky, smooth hair…

One question that I am asked daily is ‘How do I get luxuriously silky, smooth hair’?

The answer is simple ‘You must love and treat your hair with the utmost care’! My big thing is that I am obsessed with ensuring that my guests have the perfect products prescribed for their hair and all its needs. Using the ‘right’ products makes such a difference.  Shampoo, conditioner and a leave in treatment are a must! Then a styling product is key to completing the look you are going for.

But sometimes we have hair that needs a little extra help to achieve that sleek and lovely finish. One service that I am getting amazing results with is our Smooth Infusion Texture Smoother System. This is such a versatile demi-permanent hair smoothing treatment that softens and straightens hair and gives such a mind blowing finish that my guests leave hooked.

Unlike other ‘smoothing’ products this is Formaldehyde free and contains a minimum of 74% naturally derived ingredients with conditioning organic botanicals such as jojoba oil and coconut derived conditioners that protect the hair during processing.

This is a bespoke treatment and I would recommend a complimentary consultation appointment prior to booking the treatment.


Written by Michael Bozina



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