How I like to play

How I like to play Gina Conway Aveda Salons and SpasI can still remember everyone who ever taught me something. The person behind the knowledge made me want to aim higher. From the hairdressing academies in San Francisco, to New York, to London, I was a sponge (and still am). I learned early on that in your craft, you need to learn to teach yourself to learn. I watched my professors part the hair, pick up the hair, cut the hair. I watched as it dropped and where the hair fell on the face. I saw the movement created by a change in angle. I saw the line, I saw the curves. I picked up hair and I played the same tune. I took what I learned and pushed it further. I was soon able to play with the angles and the shaping. I was soon sculpting hair into multi dimensional creations using sharp tools as an extension of my fingers. I built, I dissected, I deconstructed, I softened, I hardened and I manipulated hair like clay. My journey was beginning. My destination unknown, but everchanging and exciting. I was an artist who could create my vision, communicate my clients desires, through the medium of these strands of hair. I learned to listen, to fall in love and to translate a feeling every hour of pure beauty from the inside out.

I want to give that gift of knowledge to others. At the Gina Conway Academy, our vision is to share our knowledge, passion and skill. Your success is our success so we make sure to inspire and coach and listen. We make memories and we make great hairdressers. We create a space to play and thrive. Come play with us.

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