Hello Jessica, Goodbye Hard Skin!

Jessica is our new addition to our amazing Wimbledon team of therapists.  I just caught up with her to find out what she’s all about!

HC: You’re from the North of England, how did you end up in London doing beauty therapy?

JS: I fell in love with the industry whilst working in a salon located in my hometown of Hull; I was 13 years old at the time! They allowed me to attend several beauty courses so I could soon perform manicures and waxing services on the guests.

After a few years I then went on to study Nursery Nursing for a year. I looked after children from a few famous celebrities!  It was an amazing experience but I knew my passion was in beauty so I then travelled to Greece to work in a 5 star resort for 4 months.  I then returned to my previous salon in Hull for another 2 and a half years where I helped the salon expand and did a Health Course where I learnt how to do Medical Pedicures.  I then moved to London in order to gain new career experiences and to work with the brand Aveda.

HC: You mentioned that you do Medical Pedicures, how is this different from a normal pedicure?

JS: A Medi Pedi is a pedicure that includes the use of surgical blades to remove hard skin.  This is done gradually and gets rid of unwanted callous. The blades that I use are surgical blades the same ones used in operations! So I am also able to smooth away cracked heels and any corns.

I still do a full pedicure, so this begins with a warm foot soak and exfoliation. I then do the blade work to the soles of the feet and also apply a hydrating foot masque. The rest of the Medi Pedi also includes cuticle and nail work and a soothing stress relieving foot massage.  A polish can also be applied to the nails if you wish.

HC: What are your plans for the near future?

JS: I want to learn all the Aveda treatments and products in depth and I would love to do a sports massage course soon!

HC:  Lastly, what is your favourite Aveda product?

JS: Foot Relief! It’s perfect for all my pedicure guests.  It contains a natural form of salicylic acid (Sweet Meadow Foam) which helps to dissolve hard skin.  It also contains Peppermint which is great as a natural deodoriser for the feet! Has such a sweet aroma, perfect!

HC:  Thank you so much for your time Jess.  We are excited to be launching the Medi Pedi’s in the Wimbledon salon with you.  Medi Pedi’s are £60 for 45 mins (does not incl the paint) or £75 for 60 mins (includes the paint)

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