Guest Review Ania Nowicki Workshop

I have just received this wonderful review that Ellie Collin has left after attending Ania Nowicki ’10 steps to beautiful skin workshop’ and I really wanted to share it with you all.

“Ania Nowicki– linguist, teacher, agent, business woman, innovator – is a living embodiment of what she preaches. Yes, she’s always been glam. But she hasn’t always been this glam, this reassuring, this composed. And quite frankly, this glorious. On Wednesday night I watched her talk at Gina Conway’s Aveda salon in Wimbledon about ‘10 secrets to naturally beautiful skin’. While we all stared enviously at her fabulous skin, and while good skin is a side effect of what she does, it really was the radiant outer layer to this full bodied talk.

She began with her own experiences: her dermatitis; her allergies. Her own realisation of the importance of what you put in your body is at the (literal) heart of all she does. And heart she has, passionately believing in what she is doing and how it can genuinely help everyone. She spoke dynamically throughout and listened attentively to every question, always responding with assurance and sense. You can tell she is strict, with the focus on being answerable to yourself. Her sixth month contracts reflect this – there is no point in taking a half-hearted approach to something so important. Her hugely thorough booklet is beautifully presented; her teacher days shine through with the range of images, diagrams, quotes and interactive elements on every page which make it all so accessible and memorable.
Much of what she says is not rocket science – the importance of water, sleep, greens – but she presents a powerful reminder to make these aspects of life a priority, asserting that we are all worth taking care of. Beyond the basics, she knows her stuff. Using a combination of experience and extensive scientific research (she talks tips throughout), she presents all these areas in a way that you cannot ignore: it just makes sense. With the equally impressive Gina Conway by her side, I left the talk feeling vibrantly committed to my well-being as well as my beauty, knowing that I am in charge of myself – but that there are people like Gina and Ania there to help.”

Ellie Collin, teacher, blogger, writer and film maker



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