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The 5 Tibetan Rites: a dynamic yoga workshop. Kick start your anti-aging and detox process with a Tibetan yoga workshop at GC Yoga Studios – providing yoga and pilates classes and workshops in Wimbledon.

What are the 5 Tibetan Rites – the secret to youth

Tibetan monks deep in the Himalayas have been practicing the 5 secret rites to live long and healthy lives. These rites are very similar to the yoga that originated in India. The 5 rites are a combination of yogic and breathing techniques that are specifically designed to stimulate and awaken the seven chakras (energy centres). This in turn works to engage our endocrine system.

Grow Younger like a Yogi Gina Conway Aveda Salons and Spas

A spring detox

It is proven science that our endocrine glands regulate our detoxification process, aging process and the ability of our bodies to heal. The 5 Tibetans help to normalize hormonal imbalances and thereby hold the key to lasting youth, health and vitality. The monks believe that these rites circulate Prana (life force energy) all through the body, thus bringing the body to a perfect balanced state.

The rites consist of 5 yogic exercises which include Spinning, Leg Raises, Camel posture, Table posture and Up Dog – Down Dog. The exercises are gradually introduced to the body with 3 repetitions initially which then build up to 21! It’s a dynamic, flowing practice with direct synchronization to the breath. For new comers, there are a series of warm up and preparatory exercises that equip you with the strength to perform the 5 Tibetans.

5 Tibetans workshop coming soon to GC Yoga Studios – start growing younger!



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