Gina’s hero products for winter

Aveda Dry Remedy Daily Moisturizing Oil

Integral for winter…99.9% naturally derived, daily leave in treatment that instantly moisturizes hair up to 42%! My curly parched hair feels like real hair again after I apply just a few drops through it everyday. It does not look oily or dull, but shiny and renewed. It contains buriti oil which intensely moisturizes brittle, damaged hair. The best part, no silicones or petroleum minerals. 30 ml £19.50


Enbrightenment Brightening Correcting Serum

After a long winter of late nights and working all hours in between, my skin begins to look lifeless and in need of some renewal and life. I’ve begun to notice some sun spots lately and my skin has had a splotchy appearance. The Enbrightenment range from Aveda is the answer to more luminous and brightened skin. I’m thrilled now that you can buy a starter kit that has 4 key products to help increase cell turnover using 100% plant powered ingredients. Vitamin C, mulberry root, and grape extracts help diminish dark spots while salicylic acid and glucosamine promote cell turnover. I love the aromas of organic lavender, sandalwood, organic rose geranium and rosemary essential oils give me a boost and peaceful feeling in my daily regimen. 30ml £42.00, Enbrightenment Starter Kit 40 ml £35.00


Pure Abundance Style Prep

A must have for every blowdry! Backstage at New York Fashion Week, we prepped every model’s hair with this amazing product. It gives a weightless volume that makes the hair look full of bounce and gives you control of your styling. It thickens strands using botanicals such as passion fruit, rice bran, acai oil organic aloe and acacia gum. And it smells fresh and uplifting. 100ml £21.00


Hand Relief

Thankfully a way to give my hands a much needed thirst quenching. 25 pure flower and plant essences make up the aroma of this hand cream. I find it to be the best that I have ever worked with as it is so nourishing, non greasy, and effective for my overworked hands who have had a lifetime of hair colour and blowdryer damage to them. And as an added bonus I find it perfect for my blowdrys…scrunch a 5p piece in after your blowdry, and give your hair that messy sexy look with a non-product feel. 125ml £19.50





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