Celebrate love!

Celebrate love! Gina Conway Aveda Salons and SpasWith Valentines day approaching, love is on everyone’s mind.  And whether you are in a relationship or not yoga can help lift your spirit, feel unity with others, and enhance trust, hope and compassion.  Yoga is all about the subtle body and the vital energy within that enhances your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.  Through energetic centres known as ‘chakras’ this vital energy flows.  Learn to open up your ‘heart chakra’ and enhance your feelings of hope and inspiration, love and compassion, and your connection to both yourself and others

And to help you, we are celebrating love with 3 classes and workshops designed to open the heart.

11:45 – Partner yoga workshop (90 mins)

A fun partner based yoga workshop for couples or friends.  This workshop will include a warm up, partner based yoga including masculine and feminine postures, relaxation and thai yoga massage techniques.  Enjoy the support of each other and enhance your trust and compassion.

12:15 Understand the chakras: a focus on the heart chakra

Learn what the chakras are and how the heart chakra can affect you.  Your heart chakra governs the emotions of love and compassion, sympathy and empathy. Balance the heart chakra and feel love and a connection to yourself and others. The class will alloy you to fill yourself with love and happiness from within and therefore attract the same from the outside. Open to all levels. 
14:00 – Connect to the heart (2 hour workshop)

Fill yourself with love and happiness from within and attract the same from the outside.  We will be celebrating the healing power of love, focusing on mantras (sound), guided movement meditations and heart opening asanas (postures) including beautiful, inspiring backbends.

Limited space.  Book now at www.gcyogastudios.co.uk



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