Beauty resolution for 2010? Get some inspirations here….

Treat your hair on weekly basis Picture1

Having beautiful hair comes with responsibilities. Treat your hair well and it will treat you well– use a hair masque once a week. Ask one of our hair experts and they will point you to the right Aveda treatment.

Style your hair differently

New Year why not a new hue and a new cut? Go for something different this year. Book an appointment today.

Wax legs instead of shaving

Are you a shaver? Why not try waxing for a change. Stop the spikiness and the next day stubble. Try it feel the difference, a long lasting smoothness for days.


Get toned

Don’t underestimate the power of yoga. The right stretching and breathing can turn your muscle toning exercises into a full body makeover. You will not only work out your muscles but you will synchronize your mental & spiritual self as well.

Shape your eyebrows

A well defined eyebrow can really open the eyes and create a dramatic effect. Why not try threading or waxing with one of our amazing therapist.


Stop bitting those nails, get a manicure!

Nail-biting can cause your fingertips to be red and sore and your cuticles to bleed. This may interfere with normal nail growth and cause deformed nails. But most of all increases your risk for infections around your nailbeds and in your mouth. EEKS!! Stop hurting yourself and get yourself a manicure.

Until next time…

xoxo Victoire



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