A Day in the Life of Shelley at Kings Road!

My alarm will go off at 7.30 and like any other person without children; it gets snoozed for the first 10 minutes! I start the day with the radio to get a bounce in my step and head straight to the wardrobe – the hair and makeup are planned around the outfit. Even though we’re into our summer uniform, there’s something about wearing black that makes me feel professional and sleek so I’ll often add a splash of colour to a classic outfit. Today, I’m rocking the secretary look, so a coiffed French roll and a slash of liquid eyeliner compliments my look.

A Day in the Life of Shelley at Kings Road! Gina Conway Aveda Salons and Spas

My commute to work is the perfect time for me to people watch. I love to see what people are wearing and how they choose to wear their hair around an outfit – whether it’s edgy and punky, suited and sleek or reserved and understated. This is also a great chance to take note of any style ideas and I often think about what I would do if they were to come in the salon and ask for a restyle. Perhaps they’re all unaware that their hair could be so much more fabulous! So keep an eye out in the morning…someone could be watching you!

A Day in the Life of Shelley at Kings Road! Gina Conway Aveda Salons and Spas

My brain and creativity are given a kick start from our neighbours at Le Pain Quotiden. With coffee and breakfast in hand, I look at what I have in for the day, memorise the guest’s names, remind myself of their history and start thinking of ways we can improve on what we did last time. I try not to start a consultation with previous colour notes in hand; I like to go in with a fresh open mind – especially if the previous colour wasn’t my own – and get a good idea of how each guest feels about their hair today. So much can change in a person’s life in 6 weeks and if there is a hair plan for the future then a colour may need to be tweaked and adapted to allow for any subtle changes.  My favourite colour technique recently has been sun-blushing! It has given me a great opportunity to try out all the new and exciting techniques and colour formulations I’ve learnt in the Advanced Creative Academy. Guests to the Kings Road salon in particular have really embraced the new trend for rich blondes and light browns shattered through their layers. – And I always say that a great cut to accentuate that is a must-have!

A Day in the Life of Shelley at Kings Road! Gina Conway Aveda Salons and Spas

During styling, I like to educate each guest on what their hair may need more of and also start thinking about what exciting things we can do next time! I find it impossible to reign in my passion and joy for doing hair and filter that energy through to my guest, so they can see the potential and glamour I see. I always advise on aftercare and ensure that a guest feels comfortable with their maintenance schedule. We all have busy lifestyles, so if I can help this by advising on just one area of hair care, whether it’s a treatment once a week, a heat protection serum or a good shampoo, then I know I have helped my guest all I can and it ensures that their hair will still look fab when they come and see me again in 6 weeks!

A Day in the Life of Shelley at Kings Road! Gina Conway Aveda Salons and Spas

At the end of my hectic day, I love to recap with my colleagues and we all bounce ideas off one another about things we may have done differently or techniques, ideas and colour formulations we would like to steal from one another! Everybody in the team has their own individual style and talent so we learn so much from one another by watching and asking questions. Every day I am inspired and in awe of my colleagues; whether it’s Padraig’s perfect cut, Gianni’s infectious enthusiasm, Hannah’s ‘Glamour Layer’ or the assistant’s effortless blowdries! They all teach me so much and make me feel very lucky to be one of the 20% in the world that LOVE their job!

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