10 Sneaky Tricks to Defy Your Festive Hangovers

A hangover? Surely not! Well, ok, we’re getting properly into the Christmas party season now, so it’s understandable that there may be a bit more tippling.  And hangovers. The great news is that you don’t have to suffer in vein! Here are my top 10 tricks for side-stepping the ol’ hangover:

1. Drink more water. As obvious as it sounds, most don’t do this. By drinking more water in the day and in between alcoholic beverages you will assist your body to detoxify from the effects of alcohol which creates skin damaging and cancer-causing free-radicals; it will reduce dehydration (yes, alcohol is dehydrating, making fine lines more prominent on your lovely face) and finally; it also helps you to reduce your overall calorie intake – very useful, unless you’re going for a Big Fat Christmas, if you know what I mean?

2. Keep coconut water handy. Coconut water has grown in popularity over the last couple of years as celebs have discovered that this low calorie drink can help rehydrate the body more effectively than water alone This is thanks to the naturally occurring electrolytes within it – the same stuff you get in sports drinks, only that in coconut water it’s totally natural. Dehydration is one of the primary causes of headaches, especially hangover headaches.

3. Use milk thistle. This herb is a natural liver detoxifier and can help to limit the affects of alcohol and other toxins on your body. It’s a good idea to take some every day over the festive period. You can also take extra before and after drinking and, if you haven’t gone out on a total binge, this can help to totally zap that hangover. Smart, eh?*

4. Bicarbonate of soda with fresh lemon juice. Take a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda in a large glass of water with a squeeze of lemon juice after drinking. This helps to alkalise the acidity in your body caused by drinking, and fight symptoms of your hangover.*

5. Have a banana! Yes, bananas are high in potassium and fructose which will help to rehydrate your body and perk you up after a night of drinking.

6. Drink a glass of milk before bed. Although I’m not usually an advocate of dairy, milk is antidiuretic and, as long as you don’t suffer from dairy intolerances, it can be helpful in preventing your bladder from waking you up throughout the night after a night of drinking.

7. Get sweaty! One of the best ways to clear a hangover is to go to the gym and sweat it out. Your skin is one of your body’s primary ways of detoxifying. Make full use of it!

8. Sleep more. One of the best ways for your body to heal is to allow it to sleep. Just like you need to sleep when you’re ill, taking a nap can do wonders for a hangover.

9. Take a wheatgrass shot. Wheatgrass is very alkalising (and therefore detoxifying), as well as being a potent source of nutrients which your body will be craving after a night of drinking.

10. Drink less. Oops! Yes, I said it! By drinking less you are less likely to get a hangover and far less likely to suffer from the uglifying, health damaging side-effects of regular alcohol consumption.

To summarise, after drinking alcohol, you need to rehydrate and detoxify. The overall best way to avoid a hangover is… drinking less alcohol. Your beauty and body will thank you in the long-term!

Written by Ania Nowicki CHHC
Vitality & Food 

*Always check with your doctor if you have any concerns.

Ania Nowicki is a Holistic Health Coach and owner of Vitality&Food. Her mission is to empower you to create new habits and beliefs so that you can have more balance and energy in your life to make you the most radiant and glorious you ever. She does by using her knowledge of over 100 different dietary theories as well as transformational coaching techniques.

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