Meet the Team

Gina Conway

Gina Conway

Tribe leader


Specialty: Lifestyle consultation, bespoke cutting and coloring

Languages Spoken: English and some French

Years of Experience: 30 years

Why The Beauty Industry: Because I love people and helping them realize their inner beauty through using my craft and intuition

Fun Fact: I am crazy about swing dancing!

If You Were Not A Hairdresser, What Would You Be: Anything creative…sculptor, painter, gardener, chef or if I’m really dreaming—a singer/musician

Nationality: Dual. American and British, but I live in Paris!

What Makes Your Life Colourful: I look for creativity in everything. I play with fashion and toy with style.

Fav TV Show: Modern Family

What Animal Would You Be: A dog (cuddly, playful and loyal)

Ideal Celebrity Dinner Date: Graham Norton. He kills me! I do like to laugh.

Quote That You Live By: Live every day as it’s your last. You cannot get that chance back.

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