Stylist Level: Artistic Director, Colour Level: Colour Director
Notting Hill


Colour Specialty: Deep, glossy brunettes

Language Spoken: English

Years Of Experience: 23

Why The Beauty Industry: I was inspired by a head of curly red hair when I was a teenager

Fun Fact: I used to dress up as santa in a department store when I was 16.

If You Were Not A Hairdresser, What Would You Do: I would be dead as hairdressing is life!!

Nationality: NZ

What Makes Your Life Colourful: London is a visually stimulating city

What Animal Would You Be: A Pangolian

Ideal Dinner Date: Helen Clarke

Quote You Live By: Never give up

What Gina Says About Me: Very high standards of Guest Service. Ronan makes me so proud to know he is looking after our clients with all his heart and soul. A very talented stylist and a lovely man.