Colour only: Artistic Director
Notting Hill


Speciality: Blondes, balayage and colour corrections

Languages Spoken: English and Italian.

Years Of Experience: 26 years

Why The Beauty Industry: I love making people feel beautiful

Fun Fact: I was scouted to be a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader

If You Were Not A Hairdresser, What Would You Be: An artist of course!

Nationality: American

What Makes Your Life Colourful: Paint and my dog Gris

Favourite TV Show: Masterchef Professionals

What Animal Would You Be: An iridescent and florescent snake

Who Would Be Your Ideal Celebrity Dinner Date: Frida Kahlo or Henri Martisse

A Quote That You Live By: “Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always.”

What Gina Says About Me: An artist and an inspiration. Lindsay has very high standards and will select the precise colour for your skin, eyes and lifestyle while keeping your hair in incredible condition.