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Holistic Treatments

Neti Massage

Reiki/Reiki Massage

Reiki healing has several basic effects, to provide deep relaxation, breakdown energy blockages, detoxify the system and energise your body. The therapist treats you by placing their hands directly on your body or by holding their hands a few inches away to manipulate the energy fields. This treatment can also be incorporated into a relaxation massage for total healing, also known as Reiki massage. §*
Available with Dawn Hooper-Hayes, Reiki Master 60 mins/£85

Marma Therapy

Marma Therapy is the Ayurvedic way of acupuncture without needles, shiatsu or acupressure. This ancient form of massage utilises a very gentle therapeutic approach to reduce imbalances in the body and helps to relieve aches, pains and symptoms of toxic build up. + 30mins/£60  60mins/£85  90mins/£115


An ancient art of healing, great for stimulating circulation and restoring physical and mental energy resulting in a harmonic body. +*
Price varies with level of therapist

Indian Head Massage

Created to maximize the flow of energy throughout the body, the Indian Head Massage incorporates a range of both gentle and firm strokes to release tension and stress accumulated in the tissues, muscles and joints of the head, face, neck and shoulders. Truly divine for those who suffer from headaches and migraines. + * § ‡Price varies with level of therapist

Harmonising Indulgence Facial & Massage

This holistic treatment is designed to bring you head to toe indulgence. Experience a custom blended AVEDA Facial commencing with a neck, back and scalp massage. Enjoy lush treats for your hands and feet. Your treatment will also include a wellness consultation & advice on lifestyle rituals to harmonise and stabilise you. + * § ‡
Price varies with level of therapist 

Chakra™ Massage

Focusing on the body's seven energy centres, the treatment aims to balance each area by using a variety of massage techniques. After completing a sensory journey with the Aveda chakras, guests can be transported to another level, by focusing on each chakra in the massage to realign their mind, body and spirit. A massage specific for those who want to zone in to their inner being's needs and search for rebalance. + * § ‡ Price varies with level of therapist

Shiodara Treatment (includes express blow-dry)

The treatment for ultimate relaxation. Warm oil is cascaded through the scalp assisting in deep meditation. A foot ritual and massage, as well as face cleanse and head massage are enveloped within this treatment. Finally the hair is washed and express blow-dried. + 60mins/£95

Neti Massage

A purifying sinus treatment working with lymphatic drainage, pressure point massage and cleansing aromatherapy steam inhalation to aid in the clearing of the sinus area. Assists in refreshing the mind and easing congestion. + 60mins/£69

Pre-purchase a course of 4 Gina Conway Hair or Spa services and receive your 5th service complimentary!

Locations Key:
+ available at Wimbledon location
§ available at Westbourne Grove location
‡ available at Fulham location

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  • Holistic Treatments Promotions
  • Holistic Treatments Promotions